Urban Community Revitalization

42 Real Estate’s approach to urban revitalization centers around the ability to garner buy in from the local community, to gather a critical mass to affect change, and to optimize use of alternative funding sources. We are constantly working with cities, counties, states, and other agencies to target any incentives or assistance that will both generate a healthy return and allow us flexibility to do what is right by the community.


Life Crystalized and Magnified

We at 42 are blessed to participate in the life and community of Deep Ellum, the soul of Dallas, TX.  We have helped save 100 year old buildings (old by Dallas standards), and we have been enriched as we learn from, argued with, laughed with, and lived with people who have shown us their diverse and amazing qualities and character.  Our efforts in Deep Ellum include:

  • Purchase of over 55 properties
  • Willingness to stay vacant rather than allow or put the wrong tenants in place just to get occupancy rates higher
  • Two rounds of 42 Murals and over 100 arts events 
  • Working with owners of adjacent properties rather than competing with them  
  • We have referred tenants away from our vacant buildings to another owner’s building because we believed the tenant being in the other building would be better for the community at large
  • We are elbow deep in issues:  homelessness, police and security, zoning, landscaping, transportation, social issues, and many others
  • We believe as we focus on all aspects of a community, our profits will increase greater in the long term rather than focusing on short term profits


For more information please contact Alexis Nicolas at anicolas@42realestate.com.


The oldest neighborhood in Dallas - The Cedars.

Having a wonderful location next to downtown Dallas and the Trinity River, The Cedars boasts a lot of history including being home to Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus fame.  For a long time, The Cedars has been a live, work, play area but without a cohesive focus.  Now, many developers, residents, and businesses are working together to bring directed vision to all aspects of life in The Cedars.  The Cedars is a laid back, restaurant, bar, residential, retail and office environment that is Dallas’ “living room”. 

  • Great north / south arteries make getting to The Cedars quick and convenient.
  • Quality developers creating quality environments while working together is causing a renaissance yet still retaining the essence of The Cedars
  • Transportation plans for The Cedars will make it one of the best locations for ease of travel
  • The best dive bar and the best coffee shop are in The Cedars
  • 42 Real Estate has purchased a number of properties in this area and is actively involved in the life and community of The Cedars


For more information please contact Alexis Nicolas at anicolas@42realestate.com.


East Downtown Dallas is rich with history and is the most accessible part of downtown to any other part of the city.

East Downtown is positioned for an easy walk to Deep Ellum, the Farmer’s Market, the Dallas Arts District, the downtown financial district, and to 6 parks including Klyde Warren Park.  East Downtown has a collection of 100 year old buildings that somehow escaped the standard Dallas mentality of “tear it down and make it new”.  Many of these buildings housed car dealerships like Cadillac, Nash, Ford and others.  New restaurants, the new law school, the 6 parks, new housing, and other upcoming projects make East Downtown one of the most exciting downtown areas found anywhere in the U.S. 

  • 24 buildings being remodeled
  • Several new construction projects being planned for surface parking lots
  • 42 Real Estate owns or controls over a dozen properties in this area.
  • Uber leased, in 2019, space to house up to 4,000 employees next to East Downtown solidifying the area as the place to be


For more information please contact Alexis Nicolas at anicolas@42realestate.com.