Sergio Izquierdo

Sergio Izquierdo joined the 42 Real Estate team in January of 2021 as a Development Analyst, primarily focusing on the development and acquisition of 42’s investment properties.

Prior to joining 42, Sergio worked as an Analyst at IGX, an industrial development firm San Antonio, Texas. Sergio also worked as a Financial and Market Analyst at Desarrollos Delta, a private equity real estate investment firm in Austin, Texas.

Sergio holds a BA in Economics with a Minor in Business from the University of Texas at Austin and is working to complete his Master of Liberal Arts in Finance from Harvard University’s Extension School.

Favorite Movies

  • Star Wars
  • Rocky
  • Batman
  • Napoleon Dynamite

Favorite Desserts

  • Carrot Cake
  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Flan

Favorite Sports Teams

  • Real Madrid
  • Monterrey FC
  • Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Activities

  • Playing and Watching Golf
  • Running
  • Soccer